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Dreamhost is one of the most reputed hosting service and if you are looking for Dreamhost Coupon Code, then you are at an ideal place to start with view it . We have several coupon offers for you based on your needs.

Things to know before you register:

  • Dreamhost offers the longest refund period in the industry with 97 day no asking money-back guarantee. This means you will get full 97 days to use and get full refund if you cancel within this period.
  • In addition, if you cancel anytime after the 97 days period, you will get full refund to your credit card for the balance period. How cool is that!

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Dreamhost Promo Code

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Enjoy exclusive $60 discount for 1 year or 2 year plan.


Enjoy $50 discount + 1 free domain of your choice.


Enjoy $40 discount + 1 unique lifetime IP for your hosting.


Enjoy $30 discount + 1 free domain + 1 unique IP for lifetime.


3 Free Domain + 1 Unique lifetime IP.

Dreamhost Coupon Code

Dreamhost Hosting Review

Those who are not familiar with Dreamhost, here is a Dreamhost Hosting Review for your reference.

If In the field of web hosting DreamHost is that reliable name that crossed hosting a million domains, 100 full time employees & 1500 servers. Back at 1997 DreamHost started its journey through four Californian Computer Science undergraduates. Despite of the growth its original customer oriented focus is still their main target.

Mission of Dreamhost:

The mission of DreamHost was to provide highest quality customer experience followed by flawless web hosting technology in this industry.DreamHost believes this quest for superior service providing & customer satisfaction is anon-going process which will never end.

Services Provided by Dreamhost


For getting site online one prompt,reliable,affordable& feature filled way is shared web hosting.

For bloggers,e-commerce stores, small businesses & website designers shared web hosting is the ideal solution.


For getting more power, control or better performance VPS can be used either as a replacement or addition in shared hosting. For businesses that runs difficult applications with heavy traffic & are experiencing rapid growth VPS is the best fit option.


This is a physical server which assures high performance consistently with several resources but exclusively for the access & use of a single customer. That single user can have full utilization of the CPU RAM resources. A business according to the hardware configuration that suits it best can choose the server product from several bundle options.

Best suited for advanced users or businesses who deal with complex databases, high traffic or CPU-intensive applications.


In upcoming time as a service model of computing which allows huge storage & computer captivity on the internet where a client get the job in the exact quantity & quality he wants is public cloudservices. In order to provide the user all the power & control he needs, these services even being multi-tenant is pay-as-you-go to keep the cost lowest possible

Facilities provided by Web Hosting

  • *Very convenient for users.
  • *Made easy blogging.
  • *Guaranteed user satisfaction
  • *Unlimited possibilities.
  • *Diversified functionality
  • *Professional reliability level.


  • *Flexibility
  • *Very affordable
  • *No excess fees
  • *High control level
  • *User friendly
  • *Professional level reliability


  • *Amazingly fast applications.
  • *Mental satisfaction: Due to its unlimited automatic managed backup a client will not lose his data even if the hard drive fails.
  • *No excess fees
  • *unlimited bandwidth
  • *All bundles allow unmetered data transfer.
  • *Control of very high limit.
  • *With professional level reliability as it manages its own network including a 4 hour replacement guarantee policy for hardware.


  • *Elasticity of storage & computing resources are as per your need.
  • * Over the internet services its asset free
  • *Pay-as-you go price policy.
  • *Develops quickly.
  • *At his own rhythm a customer will build his business.
  • *No limits virtually.


  • *Disk storage space of 200GB.
  • *Monthly 2000GB data transfer/bandwidth.
  • *Under one account unlimited domains can be hosted.
  • *Limitless sub-domains
  • *Every account includes free name registration.
  • *Domain WHOIS is freely included.
  • *Virus & spam email filtering.
  • *IMAP mail accounts
  • *MySQL databases are unlimited.
  • *Powerful power panel customized written.
  • *Snapshot data backups on daily basis.
  • *PHP4, PHP5, Perl, Python, CGI & Ruby or Ruby on Rails scripting
  • *One touch installs& upgrade of popular software.
  • *Full custom HTA access files.


Dreamhost has some special features apart from others:

  • *A free two week trial offer.
  • *A money back guarantee period of 97 days may is the longest refundable period in the industry.

Why Choose Dreamhost?

*For its Multiple features:DreamHost has lot of attractive features other companies talk about like unlimited space &bandwidth, free domain registration, severalsoftware installed automatically and goes on.

*Performance of server: With some of the best servers DreamHost always keeps on upgrading.

*Security: With 16 years’ experienceit’s one of the best secure web hosts with one touch auto upgrade of software installations.

*Value for money: DreamHost is very affordable despite of its uncompromising service & support & if someone can grab a coupon than its even cheaper.

*Unique WebPanel: In order to give a confusion free experience DreamHost gives all account information in one spot rather than the requirement of multiple logins for billing access & hosting access.

*Reliability of Services: While delivering excellent service & earning customer reliability DreamHost is in top place with best WordPress web hosts. If any down time is scheduled for upgrades or maintenance DreamHost provides prior notice to clients.

*Customer Support:

Beside up to three call backs per month a client has round-the-clock access (27/7) to their expert technical support executives through email or live chat.

So why are you waiting for? If you are looking for the cool Dreamhost Coupon Code, Promo Code or Discount then try any of our above mentioned offer. Believe you will enjoy using Dreamhost!

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