The Greco-Roman Room

Within this space, one may find myths, poetry, meditations, and personal experiences relating to various Gods and Goddesses with whom the priesthood of Isis of the Stars works. The author owns copyright to all materials contained herein.

The Greek mythos developed over many centuries both to provide insights into the workings of nature and to sanction changing morality. When the Romans conquered the Greeks, they adopted the Gods and Goddesses wholesale, giving them Roman names. Rome continued to use the mythic stories as divine morality plays, informing the culture of “proper behavior”.

All of these myths deeply underlie our modern Western culture, although much of our awareness of them has gone “underground”, into our unconscious behavior. To that end, I have been writing a series of poems around central myths that allow each of the Gods and Goddesses to tell their own story. These poems are grouped by the primary God or Goddess involved. The names are given in their Greek form first, then their Roman form.

Mother Earth