The Star of Ishtar and the Tiamat Dragon

The Web of the Universe is is a central symbol of the Fellowship of Isis, representing our concept of the interaction of space, symbolized by the coils of the spiral dragon Tiamat, with time, in the form of the eight-pointed star of Ishtar, which is also Sirius/Sothis, the star of Isis.

The diagram and key were revealed to our founder, Lady Olivia Durdin-Robertson, through inspiration. The original artwork is by Chesca Potter, converted and augmented by Lady Starsheen. The are four spiral loops of the Tiamat Dragon, represent four stages of consciousness:

Physical/Etheric–Alma Mater
Astral and Psychic–Flamma Vestae
Spiritual–Porta Mystica
Divine–Dulce Domum
Each represents a level of existence spiraling towards the Divine Matrix in the center. The Ankh, the mystic key of eternal life resides in the matrix, and provides access to the realms beyond. The eight rays of the Star of Ishtar correspond to the eight Solar festivals that make up the Wheel of the Year, or to the directions, or to the various astrological planets.

The student of the mysteries may travel any path that they are drawn to:

Inward around the spiral toward union with the Divine
Outward around the spiral into manifestation
Along one or more of the rays.
The Liturgy of the Fellowship of Isis contains a series of Mystery Dramas that correspond to the intersections of the rays and the spiral coils, numbered in the drawing above from 1 through 33. These represent specific degrees of knowledge that may be attained through working with the dramas and receiving the mystery they present. The mystery each seeker receives is usually different from that others may receive; the dramas represent an interaction between the seeker and the Divine, at a fundamental level. The rites, like the Fellowship, are multi-cultural and diverse.

The Mystery Dramas

The Rite of Rebirth (Initiation)
The Rite of Ordination
The Isian Wedding Rite
The Awakening of Osiris
The Mystery of the Spheres
Demeter and Persephone
Eros and Psyche
The Labyrinth
Space Magic
Time Magic
Mars and the Morrigan
Venus and Vishnu
Mercury and Sophia
Jupiter and Hathor
Saturn and Astarte
Uranus and Sarasvati
Neptune and Ngame
Pisces and Ceridwen
Aries and Durga
Taurus and Isis
Gemini, Artemis and Apollo
Cancer and Tiamat
Leo and Sekhmet
Virgo and Dana
Libra and Kwan Yin
Scorpio and Kundalini
Sagittarius and Brynhild
Capricorn and Terra
Aquarius and Juno
Mystical Initation of the Gods (conferred directly by them).
Copies of the Liturgy may be obtained through Cesara Publications, The Fellowship of Isis, Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire. Membership in the Fellowship is strongly encouraged for the serious student of the mysteries, and may be obtained by sending in the form. Membership is free, and non-exclusive.
Further information concerning membership or the Fellowship can be obtained by writing Lady Starsheen..